Good first testday on DriftBash #19 for us

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Good first testday on DriftBash #19 for us

We have been working alot on the car during this winter, big upgrades have been added to our engine. When we got the engine back from J:M Tech, we mounted it and took the car up to MotoNord in Sundsvall for mapping. Then the car was transported to Skellefteå and got new paint.


We choose SWR-Motorsports evenemang DriftBash #19 as our first testday, the event was held in Malmby (outside of the town Strängnäs). We wanted to test the racecar properly and get all the settings dialed in good before our first competition.

This season we have decided to compete internationally only. NEZ Drift Championship is the name and they have three events listed in three countries (Estonia, Finland and finals in Latvia). The team will also drive on some driftday events throughout the season.

Look at the video from our testday…..

So how do we think – feel the day? well two big thumbs up, everything went great. Only minor adjustments were made! We are ready for competition – the season is finally here.

More photos from this day (Click for bigger images)

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