New year, filled with expectations

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New year, filled with expectations

Finally we are on year 2016, the year is brand new and our expectations are big for this year. Alot of things happen on many fronts and we will inform you of some of the things happening around Kaggservice Driftteam.

Video: Henrik from Speeders Magazine have visited us and a interview of Erik was made. The interview will come out soon. Our website have been reworked and we continue to search for partners and sponsors.

The car is partly disembled and we are looking on different parts to se if they are needed to be replaced. Some addons are made on the engine, more on that later.

We are also looking on different calendars to see wich events, we are going to and when. But we will wait for more dates to release on some series, before setting our calendar.

But this year will be interesting – that´s for sure!

//Kaggservice Drift Team

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