Racecar getting ready, season begins to take form

//Racecar getting ready, season begins to take form

Racecar getting ready, season begins to take form

Long days, filled with work on the car to get it complete. During the winter we have been looking thrue the car and also have done som big things to the engine.

So what have been done?

Well beside the usual going thrue and look at moving parts, and replacing them if they have been broken or worn out. Our engine has grown into a beast this winter, J:M Tech has mounted a Twin Screw Supercharger to out V8, giving it a nice boost in power and torque. The dyna testing on the car was a success, and Erik can´t wait to get into the car and burn some tyres.

Engine was tested and tuned by MotoNord in Sundsvall, after the dyna test we took the car and transported it to Skellefteå.

New Year – New Color…

The car is now freshly painted and there is only some minor work left to be done, after that the car will be ready for this season. The season yes what about that? where will we drive?

The Maiden run this year is set to DriftBash on Malmby Fairground, just outside of Strängnäs april 30th. We hope that we get a good day, packed with testing and oppertunity to get the settings good.

Our calendar is still not full, but events keeps coming in. But we will wait some more on details, but we do know that we will compete in NEZ Drift Championship. They will run competitions in Estland, Finland and Latvia.

Beside that we will ofcourse attend on some driftbash and driftday events around Sweden, we are also looking on other driftseries, but more on that later when we have a clear vision on what we will run.

For now it is nice that the season is started, we can´t wait to burn alot of tyres.


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