We welcome JM Tech and HPS Superchargers to the team

//We welcome JM Tech and HPS Superchargers to the team

We welcome JM Tech and HPS Superchargers to the team

We are happy to inform you, that we have started a Cooperation with J:M Tech. They have rebuilt our engine and modified it for their HPS Supercharger, the charger is bolted on the engine, and it will be interesting to see the benchmarks.

The guys run 2 companies, both geared toward superchargers. J:M Tech is the company used by smaller comapnies and privat persons, this company sells bolt on kits, and also modified engines. The website is www.jmtech.se.

www.hpssuperchargers.com on the other hand develop HPS Superchargers and manufactors the entire line of superchargers. Today there is 7 different sizes from 2,1 to 4.7 litres, the effekt is calculated to range from 400 to 1800 bhp. In USA they have managed to get 1800 HP from a 5,4 litres Ford GT 500 engine, that engine has done 7.8 sek run and 260 km on a 1/4 mile in a standard Ford Mustang GT 500 ( 1780 kg). We are working close with Kenne Bell in USA as a European retailer for their products.

J:M TECH started in March 2003 by Jan-Erik and Mattias Oscarsson. The company has years of developing and testing of twin-screw supercharger. They have many years of experience and broad competence of installations and enginebuilts with superchargers. Developing and manufactoring of twin-screw superchargers are made since 2006 in the their company HPS Superchargers AB.

J:M TECH Have many years of partnership with the american company KENNE BELL. J:M TECH / KENNE BELL develops and sell these supercharger systems together.


Our engine ready to be put back in the enginebay

If you need to upgrade your engine, take a look at jmtech.se, and don’t forget their facebookpage

//Kaggservice Drift Team

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