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”Only the Sky is the Limit”

Kaggservice Drift Team – A Swedish ProInt drifting team

We race at the highest level in Swedish Drifting. The class is called ProInt and we compete against other teams in Swedish National Drifting Championship. During the season we also race selected Extreme Drift Allstars events.

  • We want to reach our goals. We also work hard to give you, our sponsor good value on your investment and increase awereness of your brand and our team.
  • The season is long and alot of things happen during our competitions – So to stay competitiv, the need of good partners/sponsors are important.

Meet the Team

Torgny Kagg
Torgny KaggTeam Manager
The Boss – Torgny is the one that decides what the team does and when.
Erik Kagg
Erik KaggDriver
Our fearless driver. Erik Kagg has a good view on his capacity as a drifter.
Annelie Kagg
Annelie KaggHR & PR
Annelie help Torgny and make sure that the team is ready for action.
Richard Freij
Richard FreijCrewmember, mechanic

We Pack Some Serious Heat!

Race Car

  • Nissan 350Z – 2003 Driftedition

  • Dart (gm) LSX 7,0L 891 WHP 1031Wnm, Currently fitted with Sellholm MPG sequential gearbox

  • Sellholm’s rear axle with failure steel drive shafts

  • Finesse certified cage, Öhlins shock-absorbers

  • Wisefab steering kit



Driver: Erik Kagg

  • 20 yrs, from Stockholm
  • Result 2014 – Third overall in Drift-RM (minor national championship), Modified Class
  • Results 2015: 10:a Overall in Swedish National Drift Championship,  ProInt Class
  • Top result of 2015: Won the final round on Sturup Raceway after a hard battle
  • Personal goals 2016: Atleast top 8 in every round, top 5 overall in 2016. Race selected Drift Allstars Events.

Extreme Drift Allstars

  • Extreme Drift Allstars is a European Championship Series, the biggest one you can compete in european drifting.
  • This very popular competition, gives you as our sponsor good visability to a large crowd
  • 2015 The series was held in England, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuanien, Estland, Polen
  • Every round was seen by over 30.000 viewers on livestream, over 400.000 viewers look at highligts and other video on their youtube channel. This greatly improve your visability as our sponsor.
  • Kaggservice DriftTeam will race selected events in Extreme Drift Allstars. Your brand will be seen across europe.

Highlights from the Lithuanien round.

What can we offer you as our sponsor

Race Trailer
Race Trailer
Your brand on our Racetrailer. This trailer is seen across Sweden during a season.
Race Car
Race Car
Your brand/advertising on our Race Car, a really great place to have your company name and/or your brand. When we racein Drift Allstars your brand will be shown on a livestream to viewers all over the world.
Dodge Pickup
Dodge Pickup
You can also have your company name/brand on our Dodge Pickup. This car is seen all over Stockholm.
During an event, our pit is visited by many visitors, alot of people also passes by during a event. A clean and organized pit is good for us both.
Social Media
Your Company name will be on our different social media pages, vi kan also write about your brand/products
You will ofcourse get a spot on our website, with links. We will also include your name and link in our race reports and other articles.



We have two more vehicles that are seen around Stockholm – these can also have your name/brand shown on the cars.

The benefit is that your visability is greatly improved.

During a season there are news, articles, videos and images made on us by our mediapartner (Speeders Magazine). They are writing race reports, articles and more about all the things we do. We will include you as our sponsor.

There is more that happens during a season, we are on a number of exibition days, training days, other car related events were we show our car. Let people ride along in car with our driver Erik Kagg. You as a sponsor will ofcourse be able to get days were you can have a ride along.

And you are always welcome to visit us during race weekends and other events.


Photo by: Åsa Brynolfsson

Erik Kagg under Extreme Drift Allstars (kördes i Eskilstuna)

Erik Kagg during Extreme Drift Allstars, Sweden Round in Eskilstuna

During a season you will be seen on Drift Allstars events, and on their livestream. Their livestream is seen by 30.000 people all over the world each round, and more than 400.000 people are looking at their youtube channel. This alone will enhance your visability greatly.

The combination of our different channels in social media, website, youtube, in videos, articles and news is all a good place to be part of.

As our sponsor you will be seen on website, Facebook, Twitter, Livestream (Drift Allstars), Youtube, Instagram, in articles, race reports, images and videos.

We hope that you have a good and clear image of what we can offer you.

We are open for discussions, and we will work with you to find the best solution.

Your investment is handled with care and respect, because without you as a sponsor, we would not be competitive enough.

”Only the Sky is the Limit”

//Kaggservice Drift Team

Have a closer look on video

So you have now read our sponsorship proposal. We hope that it has opened up your intererst

We are searching for a title sponsor and more smaller sponsors.

Contact us for more information and discussions. Team Manager Torgny Kagg can be reached on:

Torgny ”Tojje” Kagg
E-post: tojje@kaggservice.se
Mobil: +46708116208